Land Rover DC100 Concept – Old wine is a new bottle? Hardly…

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Check out the pictures of the new Land Rover Defender concept – the DC 100. This is quite a radical restyling of the iconic off-roader. When you see all these vehicle which almost transcend time – the VW Beetle, the Mini, Porsche 911, Jeep Wrangler and of course, the Defender, you see a whole gamut of design decision made by the manufacturers which range from the timid to the brave.

At one end, you have the Beetle where VW moved from a rear to the front. Of course we would have loved to see a rear-engined Beetle but I guess the bean counters won out and forced the Beetle on the Golf/Jetta platform. Hats off to VW management though for successfully transplanting the Beetle DNA into the new Beetle.

The original and the new Beetle separated by a half century

At the other end, you have the Jeep Wrangler. When Chrysler redesigned the Jeep, it had a golden opportunity to redefine it, make it better or just more fuel-efficient. but it chose to just make it bigger. Oh yeah, and made it into a 4 door. That’s not a big deal. Mahindra & Mahindra had done that ten years back and called it a Jeep Commander. But we can’t really blame Chrysler, because in 2007, Mercedes held the purse strings at Auburn Hills and made all the decisions for Chrysler.

Jeep JK towing a CJ

Which bring us the current topic. Tata has chosen to start with a clean sheet and make a fresh start. It has tried to capture the simplicity and the essense of the original Series I while bringing it into the 21st century. Of course, the DC100 is a concept so all the whiz-bang features will not make it into production but hey, its a brave attempt to redefine the iconic off-roader. Hope they make the best of it.

Beauty and the beast!
The Series I and the DC100

One thought on “Land Rover DC100 Concept – Old wine is a new bottle? Hardly…

  1. Dunno, insofar as the visuals are worth, the DC100 still looks very very not at peace with its surroundings unlike the Series 1.

    Or maybe thats just me.

    PS : Have you seen what they did with the Mahindra Thar vis-a-vis the MM540/550? Now thats a modernization I loved!! All go, no show, till you see the thing in the metal and see just how beautifully humongous it is!

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