A sensible man’s BMW Touring

I know legions of auto journalists have bemoaned the fact that there is a dearth of sensible station wagons on the market. Looks like most car buyers say they like station wagons but never buy them. That’s the automotive equivalent of a tea-partier saying “Don’t touch my Medicare”.

Has it occurred to you that while you can buy an Audi Avant or a BMW Touring, you cannot buy a sensible sized sporty station wagon. I don’t understand it – if the Germans can keep offering their European wagons here, why can’t Honda, Subaru and Mazda do the same for their Accords, Legacys and 6s.

The sensible man’s BMW Touring

Can you imagine that the last car which offered Audi Avant like performance at a sensible price was the Subaru Legacy station wagon. The last -gen Legacy had handsome clean looks, good performance in 2.5 GT guise and of course, the beauty of symmetrical all wheel drive, all at a price 30% that the Audis and BMWs.

So will someone drill sense into the people who buy pseudo SUVs rather than sensible wagons?

Drill, baby drill!


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