What can Steve Jobs teach the OEMs? Siri BABY !

In addition to designing a real kick-ass voice command system there are quite a few things the GMs, Toyotas and Hondas can learn from Apple.

1. Just because you bought the cheapest version does not mean that the rest of the world has to know about it. Base Jeep Wranglers with Mini-esque wheels are my pet peeve. Can’t those CEOs understand that more of the cheaper versions are going to be seen on the road (remember the demand supply curve? Economics 101, people). So it behooves them to make sure that more of the cars on the road be seen with good looking and sized wheels.
Wrangler with dinky wheels
2.Same goes for the base versions for virtually every car on the road with black door handles, bumpers and side mirrors. 
3. Oh and add ugly plastic placeholders instead of real fog-lamps. It probably would cost the OEM another two bucks to put in a body colored piece.
Ford Mustang with fake fog lamps
4. Please don’t think that foisting ugly looking appliances on the hapless populace is the same as creating new niches. Hear that, Nissan Cube? A Toyota VP once told me that Toyota makes plain looking cars for the people who are interested in it merely as a means of conveyance. But isn’t it a good idea to make a good looking car in the first place so you won’t get caught with your pants down when the Hyundai bursts on the scene with its fluidic design?
5. Now this brings me to my final peeve. Why has it taken automakers ten years (and counting) to come up with an intuitive infotainment system that just works. I always read of these systems going on the blink in extreme cold or being plain difficult to work with (Does a certain Ford system come to mind?) For Pete’s sake why bother. Just install an Apple ipad in your center console and get done with it. Plus the next version will come with Siri so the automakers have all their problems solved. Voila !
BMW’s iDrive

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