MINI gets stretch marks!

BMW bought MINI and launched a new car to a wildly successful start, capturing much of Europe and North America’s attention. But it has struggled to grow the brand. While it had the successful one car range, BMW has tried hard to add models. Its first additions, the Convertible and the Clubman were natural enough additions, of course with the requisite ‘S’ and John Cooper Works special editions. But for a brand which is defined by its diminutive size, BMW has been challenged to grow the brand.

Look at MINI’s contemporaries. Most of them are some models as a part of a larger umbrella. Beetle and VW. Fiat 500 and Fiat. Defender and Land Rover. Get the point. So these models don’t face the same challenge as MINI.

So BMW’s attempts have been mostly a hit (and sometimes miss) affair. The Countryman and Clubman have been hits. I think the Roadster and Coupe might be a dud. I mean why would I buy a Coupe when you have the better-looking and more authentic Mini Cooper. And I know a more authentic 2 seater roadster – the Miata.  


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