Will the Mazda6 be a new headache for its D segment competition?

The Mazda Takeri concept

Mazda has commenced a slow reveal of the next Mazda6 and if it is based, as claimed, on the Takeri concept – expectations will be very high indeed.

Even though the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima turned out to the Gisele Bunchen and Heidi Klum of the D-segment cars, none of the cars introduced afterwards followed suit. To be fair, styling is something which happens pretty early in the development process so the ’12 Camry and ’13 Altima had progressed too much to counterpunch the Korean’s good looks when the twins were revealed. But if Mazda keeps the 6’s styling faithful to the styling of the Takeri, much like what Land Rover did with the Evoque, then Mazda will have a real looker on its hands. Looks like Mazda will create enough of a headache for the other D-segment competitors that they should start popping Motrins and Tylenols!


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