A Range Rover for the 99 percent

1st Generation vs. 3rd Generation Range Rover
Let your eyes feast on the elegant simplicity of the original Range Rover 
Source – newsroom.jaguarlandrover.com

I am sure a lot of you have drooled looking at the pictures of the 2013 Range Rover. As has been the case in recent years, the Rangie has gone steadily up-market and upsize to the point that, unless you one of Mitt Romney’s chosen few in the top 0.01%, you cannot buy a brand new Range Rover. Not in your dreams. In your nightmare? Maybe but then you would be thinking of a car payment being the size of your house payment and leaving the wife and kids to fend for themselves at the soup kitchen.

So what are the rest of the 99% to do. May be for one thing, de-content it – much in the same vein as a Mercedes G-Class Professional edition. That would not be as sacrilegious as you think. Heck, the 1st generation Range Rover came with vinyl mats which could be pulled out and washed if you got too much mud on your Wellingtons. And it had a lot more panache than the present one. Or they could create a baby Range Rover.
Land Rover has a couple of design themes going. The most recognizable is the Defender with flat surfaces/windscreen and spare tire on the hood. The next is the Range Rover with the clamshell hood, horizontally split tailgate and blacked out A, B, C and D pillars. Even the Discovery/LR3/LR4 has decently consistent styling language.

Land Rover LR4
The LR4. Notice the design cues 
| Source – newsroom.jaguarlandrover.com
Which leaves out the LR2. I almost think the Land Rover treats the LR2 as the black sheep of the family, especially since the Evoque is the new Cinderella from Solihull. The nomenclature should you lead you to believe that the LR2 is a baby LR4. But it doesn’t. Geez, the LR2’s styling is so ho-hum. I don’t see genes of the Defender or the LR4 or the Range Rover.

Land Rover Evoque
Evoque – The Cinderella of the range
| Source – landrover.com/us/en

So here are my two cents. Restyle the LR2 as a baby LR4 – with short front overhangs, upright windscreen and a tall greenhouse behind the C pillar and make it the starter model. Slot a baby Range Rover above it – with the design language of – the original Range Rover! Steal a page from MINI’s playbook. We already have a Range Rover Sport. How about making a Range Rover Mini? Or call it a Nano. Build it off the LR2 platform – complete with clamshell hood, split tailgate, floating roof and a size where the whole car is contained in the same zip code.

The original Range Rover and the 2013 model
The original Range Rover and the 2013 model
| Source – landrover.com/us/en
Voila! You just captured a bit more consumer surplus, kept the 99% aspiring to the real thing and increased your market share. Duh! Why didn’t LR think of it before. That’s why they need me!

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