A BMW for the left brained

A BMW for the left brained and eagle-eyed!

So you know where I am going. I was mighty disappointed and not a little surprised when BMW introduced the X1 the world over except stateside for fear that it might cannibalize sales of the X3. The X1 has been a huge success worldwide with over 300,000 examples sold so what BMW did was shoot themselves in the foot by denying potential buyers with a value entry into the brand. Sure it would cannibalize some sales from the X3 and may be even the 3 series wagon – but BMW lost a lot more sales than prevent cannibalization.
X1 in a four wheel drift
BMW has always more sensible cars for the Europe than for the US. Europe high fuel prices meant that Bimmers would have always have good fuel economy and sensible power. BMW USA on the other hand, always concentrated on the “my club is bigger than your’s” mantra. Which is ok if your customer does not give a hoot and you have low fuel taxes. But the upcoming stringent CAFE regulation meant BMW would have to be more sensible. This is good for people like me who value BMW’s handling prowess and know that 400 horsepower doesn’t count for much when the car in front of you at the stoplight is a Toyota Corolla.

Thankfully BMW has seen the folly of its ways and remedied it by bringing us the X1. At just over thirty grand, it just undercuts the 128i and 3 series wagon by seven grand. Imagine, the cheapest car in the BMW stable is a crossover with the same footprint as a 328i wagon. At 30 grand, it will be cross-shopped against a Ford Escape or a Mazda CX-5. Also, as America ages and becomes more obese, more people are going to find it easier to get into than crouching down into a 3 series.

I am sure, a lot of people will find springing for a X1 a no-brainer. Including me.

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