Simply beautiful or beautifully simple?

What’s Up! The interior, duh!

Now that I take the liberty to call myself an (amateur) automotive journalist, I wonder how many other journos appreciate the beauty of the interior of this car. I have read about the car’s space efficiency, fuel economy, cheeky looks but hardly any prose has been written about its interior. 

Okay, its got painted metal on the doors and on the dash but that’s no reason to give it a failing grade. Even the 2013 Beetle has a painted metal dash. Yet the interior looks so simple but still well executed. This car is built to a price so I am sure soft-touch surfaces are an endangered species. But that does not stop VW from making a great interior. Its got the basics right – clear legible gages, the stereo, navigation and HVAC controls up high, a flat bottom steering wheel for easy ingress/egress, a low dash scuttle line. 

Which brings me to the million dollar question – If VW can design a good looking ergonomic interior for its smallest cheapest car, why can’t other automakers take a page from VW’s playbook? Is it really that hard?


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