Pools of Drool

There are two kinds of people who go to an auto show. Those who don’t mind spending a leisurely afternoon strolling between the stands to spend some time and then there are those like yours truly, who go to ogle and drool … at cars, not at the ‘booth professionals’!

Predictably, I took a day off from work last week to hike my way to Jacob Javits Center in NYC. I know you are here to look at pictures so I won’t bore you any more.

Drool on ….!

The entrance to the halls was adorned with the hot 2014 Corvette Stingray. The redhead was mounted on the wall thirty feet up on the wall.
For the family man who yearns to drive a sportscar – the truly impressive Mazda6
The Camaro Z28 made a surprise appearance at the show.

A ’68 Mercedes SL – the prettiest Mercedes at the show – CLAs, SLSs CLSs included.

WRX concept – A surprise stunner from Subaru. This is what all Imprezas should look like!
What’s this huh? An attractive Highlander. That’s a first for Toyota.
Holy Cow! What’s this? A blinged out Corolla? I can’t wait to see the LE version with 14″ steel wheels 😉

The Aluminized (dare I say TATA) Range Rover Sport. One of my favorites at the show.

Finally a real wagon from Volvo – the V60.

The bread and butter of the BMW range and arguably the sweetest of them  all.

The best looking car with the best looking booth professional? You decide.

And … Yours truly with the 2012 Red Bull Formula One machine


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