Humpback whales

The ungainly BMW 3GT

I was frankly amused when BMW brought a 5 series hatchback and called it the GT – as if you could erase the stigma of driving a hatch by calling it a GT. To make matters worse, it gave the GT, the ground clearance of a car and the height of an SUV, all on top of big low profile tires. Kinda reminded me of a humpback whale. Apparently, a lot of other people thought so too, for you hardly see any 5-series hatchbacks.

The far more fetching 3-series wagon

Not having cracked the code the first time around, BMW decided to try again- this time with a 3 series hatchback called … what else, the 3GT. The 3GT follows the same formula with an elongated chassis culled from the Chinese market only long wheelbase 3-series, an elevated ride height and low profile tires.

To its credit, Audi has shown how to make a good looking hatchback with the A7/RS7 so I don’t know why BMW does not follow suit.

The 3GT’s problem is that it not only looks ungainly, it also has the highly photogenic 3-series sedan/wagon and the X1/X3 combo as its competition.


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