Prettier than a Porsche

Most of my posts have been profound pearls of wisdom about the auto industry so I thought to switch gears for once and tell you about some Breaking News from Zuffenhausen, Germany. These news will not necessarily improve your understanding on the auto industry. Rather, it will merely provide some relief for sore eyes – tired after 
peering at your computer screen all day.

Sharapova with the Speedster © 2013 Porsche Cars North America

Maria Sharapova – the photogenic champion …. sorry …. I meant the Grand Slam champion has agreed to be the brand ambassador for Porsche AG. The press release on Porsche’s press site dryly states that her profile and charisma is an ideal fit for Porsche.

Who is prettier? © 2013 Porsche Cars North America

This is what you call aspirational marketing. I guess Porsche is secretly hoping that Wall Street types will plunk down wads of cash thinking that their new Porsche will attract a trophy girlfriend .. maybe like Maria Sharapova! Dream on.


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