The Q30 concept revealed

The Infiniti Q30 concept revealed ©

On the heels of Infiniti revealing its new ‘Q’ centric naming scheme, comes the second member of the Q family. We have already seen the reveal of the Q50 sedan. Unfortunately, that car failed to increase my pulse rate.

Now comes the Q30. Europeans across the pond have grown accustomed to front-drive entry level luxury cars. We have not been so lucky … so far. Looks like the Mercedes CLA, GLA and now the Infiniti Q30 are set to remedy that.

Infiniti’s styling in recent years has been a rather hit or miss affair. The G37 coupe, FX do justice to the brand. On the other hand the EX, the QX60 (formerly called the JX) and the QX80 make me reach for my blanket and pillow. 

Given its track record, the Q30 is a breath of fresh air. It is easily the looker of the group. Positively makes the EX look rather frumpy. It shares its underpants with the Mercedes MFA platform. Which means it get the Mercedes FWD power-trains as well. It should split the difference between the luxo-hatches like the Merc B-class/ Audi A3 and the luxo-crossovers like the BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

So lets hope the production Q30 looks as hot as the concept.


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