Hershey is not just about chocolate

The Antique Automobile Club of America museum in Hershey, PA ©Harshad Kuntey

Most of you with rugrats, kids must know of Hershey, PA as a destination for chocolate addicts. But what you don’t know is that Hershey also has something to offer to car addicts … like me. In addition to the Sloane museum, Walter P. Chrysler museum, the Corvette museum and the Henry Ford, I can add the Antique Automobile Club of America museum.

Compared to the others, at 11 years the AACA is still a pre-teen. But it has a impressive and unusual collection. On my last escape from Hartford, CT, I had gone to Hershey and made it a point to visit the ‘temple.’

I think this is the first museum not to prominently feature American classic cars. Of course there was a sixties Chevy Corvair in the entrance but the biggest surprise were the classic Japanese cars from the sixties and seventies. The cars I used to see as a child when my dad used to work as an expat in the Middle East reminds me of how old I am. Sucks!

The Toyota Crown
The Toyota Crown © Harshad Kuntey

The Toyota 2000 is a surprising reminder of Toyota’s more adventurous styling days. A Toyota Crown, also on display, shows the early struggles of Toyota trying to get a foothold in the continent. A Datsun 2000 roadster and a prewar fire-truck were pretty intriguing too. So were a duo of Subaru 360 ‘microvan’ and the Suzuki Jeep  LJ10.

The Subaru 360
The Subaru 360 ©Harshad Kuntey

The basement was even more interesting with a fantastic collection of Indian motorcyles. For the uninitiated, I mean the brand ‘Indian’ and not the country of origin. These bikes were Harley’s most serious competitors in their heyday.

A 'pre-war' Indian motorcycle
A ‘pre-war’ Indian motorcycle ©Harshad Kuntey

Talking of Harley, who knew that Harley made a 50cc moped called the M50 as well as a scooter no less. Imagine if H-D made a scooter today, it would be a ‘bleeping’ misfit in the range of Vee-Twin bikes it has now.

The Harley-Davidson 'scooter'
The Harley-Davidson ‘scooter’ © Harshad Kuntey

I hope you get the point. If you are a guy in search of some ‘adult’ entertainment (no pun intended) make it a point to visit the   Antique Automobile Club of America museum.



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