Racing Under The Radar

Acciona 100x100 Ecopowered
The “El Acciona 100% Ecopowered” Source-Acciona

Amidst all the news of the upcoming presidential inauguration and the accompanying tweet fest, most news media, fake and real, have not picked up this significant event.

For the first time, an fully electric powered car has completed the 2017 Dakar Rally. The car was fielded by Acciona, a Spanish renewable and infrastructure company. Acciona had competed in ’15 and ’16 as well but suffered from DNFs. This year their perseverance paid off and the car piloted by Ariel Jaton reached the checkered flag.

The funnily named “El Acciona 100% Ecopowered” is powered by a 250 kW electric motor. Energy is supplied by a 150 kWh lithium ion battery powering a car the size of a small to mid size SUV.

El Acciona – Technical Details Source-Acciona

So what the heck is a Dakar Rally. For the uninitiated, the 10,000 km long Dakar Rally is the world’s most famous rally. The rally started in 1978 and used to start from Paris, cross the Mediterranean sea, meander across N.Africa and end in the Senegalese capital of Dakar.

The 2017 Dakar rally route

The  S. American Edition runs through Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina and is just as tough, long and grueling.

So this significant event went unheralded in the news media but electric cars are making inroads in the racing arena. Don’t believe me, check out Formula E.



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